Terms Policies & GPDR

We take your privacy very seriously and any information you provide will not be shared by ourselves to third parties unless we have your prior express agreement.  This website does not use cookies.



Your data will be captured via:

1) Website enquiry form


Name, address, telephone number and email address

Printed and held for 7 years if the person becomes a customer, 2 years if not

Enquiry form emails deleted after 1 month

Used for Customer work requirements and contact


2) Job sheets


Written form only (name, address,telephone number and email address)

Held for 7 years and 2 years (see 1) above)

Used for customer works, contact and recording telephone enquiries



3) Invoices


Written form only - 3 copies = customer, office and accountants

Name,address,telephone number only


Held for 7 years (HMRC requirement)

office copies used for book-keeping and repeat customer reference



4) Diary


Written only - name, address, telephone number occasional email address

Held for 7 years

Used for customer contact and appointments, recording telephone enquiries and subsequent appointments



5) NO data is passed to third parties (other than Accountants and HMRC)



6) To request data removal persons should do so through the website enquiry form specifically addressed to Martin Wale



7) Repeat customers will be asked verbally for permission for further sales contact - which would be by telephone

If further to this they wish data removed refer to 6)


8) The website(s) do not have social media accounts

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