Custom Seat Cushion Covers

Replacement seat cushion covers custom made for your sofa, conservatory furniture, garden and pallet furniture and more.
Delivered direct.  Restore your seating, don't replace it!
Leather Restoration

Professional cleaning and re-protection prevents leather furniture from distressing or drying out - significantly extending its lifespan.  This care and maintenance treatment can be completed in just two hours - for as little as £40 per seat.


Leather Rescue Director Martin Wale explains "Our service is ideal for instances where accidental damage to leather furniture has occurred...

Leather Repairs

...If a fast efficient, professional repair is required - we are the company to call"


Utilising many years of skill and experience - Leather Rescue technicians provide the convenient solution to cosmetic repairs, cleaning and restoration of leather furniture. Leather Rescue has established the complete leather furniture repair, cleaning and restoration service

We will listen to your requirements, inspect and identify the leather type of your furniture, and show you examples of the work we have carried out.  We will then offer a quotation for the work you wish us to undertake.


Should we need to uplift your furniture to carry out the repair in our workshop, we will book an appointment to pick up and return your furniture, within a week to ten days.