• Neil Williams

My Rescued Lay-Z-Boy

Hi Martin

I just wanted to thank you and your colleagues at Leather Rescue for rescuing my Lay-Z-Boy leather recliner.

The new leather arm for my Lay-Z-Boy recliner is a brilliant match in colour, quality and style, and in fact it is so good that it is a slight improvement on the original arm which had been quite right and was stitched a little off-centre compared to the rest of the suite’s arms.

Your new padded arm not only looks good, but it sits better on the hard arm base than the old one, so that’s a real bonus result. Moreover, your attention to detail and your cleaning of both armchairs has really brought them back to respectability, which is no mean feat when you consider that the leather is ivory colour and the whole suite is coming up five years old, and has suffered from five years of transferred black dye from black denim trousers and the like. It’s given the whole £4,000 Lay-Z-Boy suite a new lease of life, so it was well worth the cost of employing your expert services for a small fraction of that.

Thanks for doing a really great job. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending your leather suite cleans and leather refurbishments to absolutely anyone I know or meet should the need for your services become apparent in conversations.


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